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Rosa,Paris (08.03.2016 : 20:31:23)
    J'ai rencontré Rosa plusieurs fois. Chaque fois notre rencontre devient plus intense et torride. C'est une femme d'une beauté sculpturale et d'une sensualité de rêve.Thank you Rosa for those magnificent moments you share with me ... Many kisses. Robert.

Lutecia, Paris (08.08.2015 : 12:55:41)
    Je n'ai qu'une chose à dire: Lutecia est une femme qui vaut le peine de renconter et surtout messieurs soyez doux avec elle et elle répondra au moindre de vos désirs.

Lutecia, Paris (07.07.2015 : 20:11:18)
    Met Lutecia on 2 occasions. Beautiful lady, stunning figure and really enjoys what she does. I hope to meet Lutecia every time she returns to Paris!!!!!

Samanta,Paris (29.05.2015 : 11:21:46)
    Lorsque Samanta ouvre sa porte cest une femme aux courbes divines que lon va découvrir. Elle est vraiment superbe et encore plus excitante que sur ses photos qui mavaient déjà mis en haleine.

Samanta,Paris (12.05.2015 : 00:27:09)
    First time I'm writing a review on this website. It's been by far the greatest experience I ever had. Samanta is an authentic porn star, full of ideas and surprises. Booking was kinda easy, and moments later a gorgeous and naughty secretary visited me. She left me exhausted after the 2nd round, but definitely satisfied by this heavenly moment we spent together as one. Can't wait to meet you again my dear!

Angela,Paris (06.05.2015 : 00:07:16)
    Easily one of the best experiences that any man could ask for... Angela is beautiful and much more than that... She is an expert and a great seductress thanks to her looks and intelligence... Its simple when you leave her you immediately regret you didnt stay longer... I plan on seing her again and again

Barbara,Paris (03.02.2015 : 21:56:27)
    Cette hongroise est superbe physiquement, extrêmement gentille, intelligente, souriante, ultra sexy etc.... Cette fille ne souhaite qu'une seule chose c'est votre bonheur. Le massage est intense, mieux vaut être en forme pour la belle ;)

Abbyvip,Paris (17.05.2014 : 17:22:49)
    super rdv, je la rebooke la prochaine fois

New Maria,Paris (27.02.2014 : 16:17:22)
    Massage de qualité et très facile à réserver .Belle poitrine et peau très douce :) merci beaucoup pour ces massages Maria.Ell est adorable, et montre son plaisir à bien faire les choses. Pour moi elle est N 1 She is just adorable, lovely, funny, intelligent, likes to do things with perfection with her usual great smile, thus for me she is N 1 Kiss Mike

Glamchic,Istanbul (04.02.2014 : 16:04:25)
    Well, if i had seen her photos once it would be hard for me to recognice her. I think that she is cute and she has a strange beauty. She is very tanned. she is friendly but she can speak only russian. she gets to the point at first. she makes deep, without using of hands, wet bj. She is not get tired at all. She gets everything in her mouth and spits but not in a hurry. If she asks on the second round "massage or sex" the right answer for you is sex. she is a real nympho. she can ride you until the end. I didn´t try anal because we had a small discomfort with her pussycat which is to small or "you are a superman" as she said. I think that she´s worth a visit, just to feel what a nympho can do for you. Try everything.

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